K9LAW Repeater Up and Running!

“The KA9LAW Yaesu Digital Fusion DR-1X repeater with an output of 50 watts and operating on 444.175+ (PL=131.8) is now more operational than ever. With the help of K9BQN I have been able to overcome a major desense problem and things seem to be stable.

The repeater is controlled by an Arcom RC-210 controller and I eventually plan to set up a WiresX connection. With the controller, the repeater works in standard FM mode but if one has a Yaesu digital radio and transmits, the controller switches over to the digital mode and passes the digital communication. This allows users with both a traditional radio and a Yaesu digital radio to use the repeater.

I am interested in signal reports and other reports as to the overall operation of the repeater.

Hal Brueseke