Field Day 2019 in the Books.

Another Field Day is in the books. This year was different in many ways. First of all we had a very good attendance by MARC Members, 30 out of 50 members visited the Field Day site, up from previous years. We also had an increase in non-member visitors, about 15. This is based on a sign in sheet, its possible there were others that just didn’t sign in when visiting. Also different was the fact that all of our volunteers actually showed up to help. Field Day is a labor intensive activity, one or two people can’t do it alone, we depend on member volunteers to pull it off.

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the volunteers that made Field Day possible.

In charge of planning and executing Field Day were Keith Wishmeier WA9S and Mike Ciesiolka KO9Q. Transporting items between the storage facility and the Field Day site were David Rice AD8WR and Mike Ciesiolka KO9Q. David Rice also maintained the generator during the weekend and coordinated shutdown times for refueling.

Antenna Setup and take down required many volunteers, Jeff Wynegar KA9TOC along with new member Brian McIntosh K8VO spent most of Friday afternoon installing two 80 meter loop antennas. Dennis Whittaker KB9LTS, Tony Kostreba KB9AFW, Tom Pinard WB8WGX, Millard Hill N9QEO and Bill Shaffer W9SUB assisted David Riggs KC9YAV and Keith Wishmeier WA9S with their antennas, one a dipole and the other a Butternut Vertical.

This years Public Information Officers/Greeters set up a booth under a canopy to greet visitors, answer questions and distribute handouts. This table also had the 2 meter GOTA station. They had several visitors this year. Thanks to Barry Keating WD4MSM, Bruno Trimboli WJ9S and Don Neely KB9ERP.

We had two persons that served as Safety Officers, they were Dennis Whittaker KB9LTS and Don Neely KB9ERP. This qualifies us for the 100 point Safety Officer Bonus.

Finally thanks to the following people for providing food for our operators and volunteers. First of all, Jeff Wynegar KA9TOC and Wife Denise for providing and preparing food for Saturday Evening. Also Millard N9QEO and June KC9IIC Hill for providing Donuts and Coffee to get us thru the day until dinner. Also thanks to Brian McIntosh K8VO and Jenna for the Buffalo Chicken Dip and Chips and other snacks. Thanks also to Ann Ciesiolka KD9ATA for making Chile for the Operators to eat overnight and also a Fruit Mix for Sunday Breakfast. Of course Pete Shaw KB9ZRV for making us a Pancake and Sausage Breakfast on Sunday Morning.

Many of the volunteers also provided personal gear for us to use, such as , Laptop Computers, Radios, Antennas, Table and Canopy, etc. Those contributing were David Riggs KC9YAV, Dennis Whittaker KB9LTS, Jeff Wynegar KA9TOC, Mike Ciesiolka KO9Q and Keith Wishmeier WA9S and Barry Keating WD4MSM.

Our operators and loggers for this year were:

Keith Wishmeier WA9S, Barry Keating WD4MSM, Jeff Wynegar KA9TOC, Mike Ciesiolka KO9Q, David Riggs KC9YAV, Brian McIntosh K8VO, Dennis Whittaker KB9LTS and Bruno Trimboli WJ9S and Tony Kostreba KB9AFW.

Special thanks to two non member operators. Daniel Dews KK9G and Harry Robinson KC9EOT. MARC thanks you for your participation.

I am sure someone has been forgotten, I apologize ahead of time if I did not include you and I thank you for your efforts.

Thank You All

From the MARC Board of Directors

Mike Ciesiolka KO9Q MARC Secretary