Message to MARC Members from Gerry, G3MW

 Gerry Emson

Subject: Morse Code Software for training or practice

Message: Hello

Have just been to your site, and wondered if you have heard of, or use, CWCOM. Simple to use software for sending and receiving morse code over the internet, using the keyboard, mouse, or externally connected, straight key, or paddle keys.

The software was originally written for Windows 95, but still relevant and used today on all versions of Windows, including W10... ( can also be made to work on LINUX and MAC machines - see later on )

It was written by an Australian Radio Ham, VK1EME, John Samin, but he has discontinued servicing his website, and with his knowledge, I have written a blogsite

to help people to download, install, and set up the program.

All instructions are in easy to follow, step by step format, with some pics to help along the way.... there are a couple of links to get the program from download sites on the blog pages.

For LINUX and MAC users,.. there are separate pages with step by step instructions on how to get CWCOM working on those platforms.

The program is used by many Radio Hams, around the world, and some Australian Post Office Telegraphists that used to man the overland Telegram system there.

There is no requirement to "sign in"... log in,.... password... registration....

the only "hardware" you need, is a key and a computer... ( a USB to serial converter or mouse adapter, see blog page for instructions to make, if using a laptop).

Skill levels from beginner to experience .. ALL welcome. ... learners should not be frightened off, just because they hear some "fast" morse... they are just as welcome, as the "old hands" ! ! ! .

There is the opportunity for groups to choose their own channel ( frequency) for group practice sessions, so it would be ideal for Radio Ham Clubs, to extend "out of hours" practice when members are at home.

Similarly, it is an excellent program for those radio hams, who, for whatever reason, have problems with local planning laws, regarding antennas... or for those who live in "sheltered" accommodation, where radio equipment is not allowed.

I am usually on channel 1000 ( default channel) from about 14:00 G.M.T until about 22:00 G.M.T. and able to help new users or learners to get the best out of the program settings... or just to have a ragchew session.

my call, G3MS is not registered on QRZ . Com... but I am ex Royal Navy Wireless Telegraphist from 1960 and use only straight keys at about 20 wpm.. Operating protocol, is the same as CW operation on the ham bands...

You Tube videos of my keys in action.....

Blogsite telling stories about how I refurbished the keys....

Looking forward to a ragchew or practice session with any of your members, soon.

Thank you for reading this.... I hope the information has been helpful to you.


Gerry (G3MS) .. QTH Portsmouth England... age 74 .