Time to Pay your MARC 2019 Dues!

MARC Members:

According to the Bylaws of MARC, dues are payable annually on January 1st. several members have not yet paid their dues for 2019. Please check your membership card to determine if your dues are current.

To continue to grow and improve, the club needs your help and membership. Many of the MARC activities planned throughout the year are subsidized by the club and are therefore available only to Paid members. So check your membership card today and if it has expired, mail your check for $25.00. Add an additional $2.00 for each additional member in your household that wants to be a member. Make checks payable to MARC and mail before January 31, 2019. You may also pay at the January Social Meeting at WNIT . Membership Applications are downloadable on the Home Page.

Michiana Amateur Radio Club, Inc

300 W. Jefferson Blvd.

South Bend, IN 46601