Buddistick Deluxe Package

Designed as a multi-band antenna for 40m to 10m, use with any rig up to 250 watts. Also popular with the QRP operators using for instance a Yaesu FT 817, Elecraft KX3, K2 and KX1, IC 703 and other QRP Rigs.

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Carry Bag

The Package comes in a compartmentalized 1000 denier cordura portfolio bag, with handles.


Adjustable Coil

Adjustable Coil with 3 color coded coil clips.


Adjustable Clamp

Includes vertical antenna clamp to attach to a table, fence, or mast.


The Buddistick Deluxe Package comes with the Bag, two aluminum arms, two standard telescopic whips (one is a backup). Also included is a counterpoise wire, the adjustable coil with color coded clips and the vertical antenna clamp, includes the mounting plate with an SO-239 and attachment for the 31’ radial wire.

This package is in near perfect condition ( I take care of my stuff). If you purchased this new you could expect to pay around $175.00

I am offering the complete package shown here for $100.00 Buddipole stuff is top quality and this is like new. Great for portable operation or Field Day.

Contact Mike KO9Q at ko9q@comcast.net or call 547-386-1238