MARC Annual Picnic 2018


The 2018 MARC Annual Picnic was held at Potawatomi Park in South Bend. Volunteers were on site around 4:30 to get ready for the crowd. Members and their guests started arriving just before 6:00 pm and the Grillmaster, Pete Shaw,  had Burgers and Dogs ready shortly thereafter. Everyone brought yummy dishes to share, so there was plenty of things to sample including fresh fruit and desserts. Everyone seemed to have had plenty to eat and were enjoying good conversation. Pete Shaw disappeared to go and hide a Fox Transmitter. When he returned several departed to attempt to locate it. Finally the hunters returned and reported that newcomer Brad Fields KD9KYD was the first to find it; it was Brad's first Fox Hunt!

Thanks go out to the Volunteers who made this event possible. They are Ray Dalgliesh, Pete Shaw, Mike and Ann Ciesiolka and Keith Wishmeier.

Thanks also to all the Members and their guests for coming out to support their club!!!



Pete Shaw (Pancake Pete) KB9ZRV Volunteered to do the grilling this year!

Thanks Pete


Members Bob Sumption W9RAS and wife Diane N8HJK, Keith Wishmeier WA9S and Wife Mary, and Rod Powell KC9NAS enjoying Food and Conversation.


Members Dan Caesar NI9Y, Jeff Wynegar KA9TOC and June Hill KC9IIC helping themselves to the many goodies on the food table.


Wives Janet Caesar, Mary Wishmeier. Rod Powell KC9RAS and Barry Keating WD4MSM.

Bob and Diane Sumption W9RAS & N8HJK


Ed Carrico KC9NAT, then Bill Shaffer W9SUB and Mrs. Shaffer. With his back to the camera is Ray Dalgliesh KC9IHZ.


Dennis Whittaker KB9LTS. Brian Hoover N9LHM and Wife Donna. Pete Shaw KB9ZRV and Dave Rice KC8BH and Wife Louise.


Fox Hunt

Finally newcomer Brad Fields KD9KYD was this year's first to find the hidden Fox Transmitter. Brad is a fairly new Ham and this was his first Fox Hunt

more to come as photos are submitted.