Ham Gear Moving Sale

MFJ-269C Antenna Analyzer/Ni Cad batteries and charger included. $175.00

MFJ-250 Cantenna with Transformer Oil $40.00

MFJ-21 1 Gal Transformer Oil $25.00

MFJ-4035 Regulated Power Supply/ adjustable 0-15 vdc $75.00

MFJ-921 Dual Band (2Meter/440) Antenna Tuner $60.00

Palstar AT2KD Differential Antenna Tuner / 2000 watt $375.00

Heathkit SB-200 Amplifier (average out around 800 watts) $300.00

Yaesu FT-950 HF/50MHz Transceiver / with box $750.00

Yaesu SP-2000 Speaker with Filters $100.00

Yaesu MD-100ABX Desk Microphone $75.00

Kenwood TS-520/ HF Transceiver $175.00

Kenwood SP-820 External Speaker with Filters $60.00

Shure Model 444 Desk Microphone $50.00

I do have some 2 meter/440 mobile equipment I might consider selling such as a Yaesu FT-2800M (2 meter only) and a Yaesu FT-7800R (2 meter/440) as well as several Baofengs and several 3’ and 6’ professional made RG8X jumpers. Make an offer.

All equipment has been tested and was either new to me or in known excellent working condition. Most equipment comes with the original box and instructions. The SB-200 was purchased in known working condition however I have never tested it since I have owned it.

Contact: Robert C. Irish, w9rci at cell 574-250-7030 or email at: