Field Day 2018

Photos from Field Day  June 23rd and 24th, 2018. This year's Field Day was held at Henry Frank Park on Day Rd. in Mishawaka.


Henry Frank Park

The Shelter at Henry Frank Park, home for this year's Field Day Operators.


Keith Wishmeier  Wa9s

Keith is the current MARC President and was our main CW Operator.


Hal bruEseke  ka9law

Hal, KA9LAW, operated several shifts working SSB Phone.


mike ciesiolka  ko9q

Mike,  KO9Q, operated several shifts working SSB Phone. 


david riggs  kc9yav

David, KC9YAV, operated SSB Phone off and on throughout the day and night despite not feeling well. Check out David's cool lamp.


Jeff Wynegar KA9TOC

Jeff, KA9TOC, was knocking out SSB Phone contacts during the night and into Sunday Morning. Mike Ciesiolka, KO9Q, logging using N1MM.


TenTec Omni VII

This is the club's newly acquired TenTec Omni VII.

This transceiver was set up to be our main CW operating position and was used by Keith Wishmeier, WA9S, and Dan Caesar, NI9Y. Also operating CW was Bruno Trimboli, NJ9S.