Posting AD’s on the Flea Market is for MARC Members Only; of course anyone may buy items listed here. You may post Ham Radio Related items or other items you think may be of interest to other MARC Members. Ads should contain a full description of the item you are selling including photos. There are no restrictions as to the number of photos or the length of the description. Ads will run for 30 days, unless seller notifies Webmaster.

MARC is not responsible for the accuracy or condition of any items advertised here.

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How to place your Ad:

Send an E-mail to the MARC Webmaster containing a Description of the item you want to sell along with photos. Only one item per page; unless it includes multiple pieces for the asking price. (Example: a complete vintage Heathkit Station)

Include your asking Price.

Include how you want to be contacted (E-mail, Telephone)

When item sells, please contact the Webmaster so the ad can be removed.

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